Water connection

If you are building a house extension, new home(s), commercial building and need a water connection for your new kitchen(s), bathroom(s), toilet(s), or simply want to upgrade/split your existing water supply, you will need a to apply for a new water connection.

Before you apply

There are a few things you need to know to ensure that a water connection application is the right application for you.


What is a water connection, and when do I need one?

A water connection is how we connect your property or site to our water main.

Here are the reasons when you may need a new water connection:

  1. If you are building a property in a new location and need to connect to our network
  2. When you are renovating, changing the use of the property, or building an extension
  3. When you are building new commercial premises
  4. When you are converting a building into flats
  5. When you are installing an agricultural trough
  6. When you need a temporary water supply
  7. If you need to upgrade or replace your existing supply to increase the flow due to increased demand
  8. If you are looking to split into or from a shared supply within commercial property
  9. If you need fire supplies
  10. If you are relocating meters or supply pipes


You will not need to apply for a new water connection if:

  • You are splitting into or from a shared supply within residential property
  • If you are replacing your private supply pipe due to pressure issues or it is leaking
  • If you are replacing your lead supply pipe
  • If you do not have a meter and would like to request a meter

In these cases, you can request this from our operational team on 0330 303 0368.

If you need a disconnection along with your water connection, then this should be requested as part of your water connection application. If you need a disconnection on its own, please refer to Southern Water billing team on 0330 303 0277. Permanent disconnections are free of charge, however, please be aware any future connections after the water supply have been disconnected will be a chargeable and will need to go through new water connection application process.


How much would my water connection cost?

Please use our calculator for an indicative cost for connecting your property or site to an existing Southern Water main.

Water connection calculator

See average industry connection costs


Steps that we'll take to get you connected

Don't worry we'll be in touch along the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. You apply online and pay your application fee

    Fill in our online form and pay your application fee. We’ll review your application within 5 days.

  2. We provide your quote

    We carry out a site survey and produce the construction costs for your project within 28 days. Please refer to our water connection calculator to understand the approximate costs.

  3. You accept your quote and pay for the works

    You review the quote, accept and pay for the construction works, along with filling in our water regulations questionnaire.

  4. We complete the water regulations review

    You’ll need to fill in water fittings information which we will review within 10 days. For high-risk projects we may need to carry out an inspection.

  5. You lay your private supply pipe

    You may need to arrange a contractor to lay a private supply pipe from your property.

  6. You submit pipework photos for your site inspection

    Once your private supply pipe is laid, you will need to submit photos for a site inspection.

  7. We complete your water connection and install your meter

    Once we’ve completed our inspection, we then complete the water connection and install a meter within the next 21 days.

  8. You register your new billing account

    Your new water supply is now live. Register your new billing account for the water bills to be addressed to you.

Making an application

Getting you connected

Watch our video explaining how the whole water connection process works from start to finish.

Step 1  - You apply online and pay your application fee

Fill in our online application form using our GetConnected portal. You will need to pay an application fee. We will review and acknowledge your submitted application within 5 days.

When making your application, please make sure you have the following information:

  • A site plan clearly showing your requested point of connection
  • An application fee of £85.96 (incl. 20% VAT) for your first connection and £52.48 (incl. 20% VAT) for additional subsequent connections
  • Soil sample for any contaminated land
  • Location plan (to give us a reference point to GIS)
Frequently asked questions

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When do I need to submit a soil analysis report?

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Step 2 – We’ll provide your Quote

In order to produce a quote for the construction costs at your project, we may need to carry out a site survey to identify where your water connection will be made. Our water design contractor Clancy Docwra may visit your site to carry out the survey.

It is important that any specific access arrangements to your site are made known to us during your application to avoid any delays.

Within 28 days we’ll send your quote, this will include:

  • Quote document with full cost breakdown including traffic management (if applicable), excavation and reinstatement
  • A photo showing the point of connection (if applicable)
  • References to relevant technical guidance for pipework installation (if applicable)

Our quotes are valid up to the end of the financial year (31st March), for quotes made in Feb/Mar we give a 2-month extension. If the quote expires or there is any change to the way you want to lay your pipes or connect into our network, then you’ll need to ask for a requote for your site.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to meet with the surveyor for the site survey?

What does my quote document mean?

Step 3 –  You accept and Pay for the works

You review the quote, accept, and pay for the construction works to proceed with the project. When accepting your quote, we will ask you to fill in water fittings information.

Alternatively, you can decide to opt for working with Self-lay providers instead.

Frequently asked questions

How do I fill in Water Fittings questionnaire?

Why do I have to pay sewerage infrastructure charges?

Why do I have to pay an application fee?

How can I pay Southern Water fees?

How long is my quote valid for?

What if my quote has expired?

What are lane rental charges?

Step 5 -  You lay your private supply pipe

After you’ve accepted the quote, paid for the water connection, and received your water regulation consent you will need to arrange a qualified plumber/contractor to lay the private supply pipe from your property. You can find approved plumbers in your area by entering your postcode on the Watersafe website. 

Alternatively, you can do it yourselves following instructions and requirements from our guidance below. Please download this guide and share it with your plumber/developer, who will be carrying out pipework for your project.

Download Water Connections Guidance Notes

Frequently asked questions

When do I need to provide a chlorination certificate?

Can I connect new supply pipes onto an existing communication pipe?

Who can carry out the connection to the water main?

What if I need to install an agricultural trough?

How can I get temporary building supplies (TBS)?

Can I supply my own meter carriers?

What if I need large size connection?

Can I re-use an old redundant pipe?

Step 6 – You Book your site inspection

We need to confirm that the new supply pipe(s) you are laying are at the correct depth, use appropriate material and are safely installed inside the property. The rules for water pipes require us to ensure that all connections are designed and built to prevent contamination of the existing water supply and can resist damage due to cold weather and poor ground conditions.

Once you have laid your private supply pipe(s), you will need to take series of photos, following our instructions and submit them using the GetConnected portal. We will review your photos to make sure your pipework is ready for our crew to connect your property to the water main. This is usually the quickest option.

In some cases, we may need to arrange an in-person inspection. We will let you know in advance if this becomes necessary.

You can check what photos are needed by reading this guide.

Download photo guide

If your pipe has been laid across a significant distance (greater than 10 metres) and backfilled, we may need to evidence using trial holes at set intervals to show the depth maintained across the full distance.


Are you WIAPS certified?

If you are a WIAPS-certified plumber or are using a WIAPS certified plumber to do your installation, you do not need to arrange an inspection.

Once you have laid your private supply pipe(s), please submit your WIAPS certificate or reference number and an appropriate photo to show the capped pipe has been brought to the agreed point of connection.


Request an in-person site inspection

If you are not able to take and upload the required photos of your pipework, you can request and in-person site inspection.

We’ll need at least 72 hours’ notice to arrange for our team member to visit your site. Please note that if we have to abort a pre-arranged visit due to lack of access to your site, there may be an additional charge to re-arrange.


Understand how to pass an inspection first time

Frequently asked questions

How do I pass my site inspection first time?

How do I get my pipework and site inspected?

I am WIAPS-certified, can I bypass a site inspection?

Step 7 – We complete your water connection and install the meter

Once your private supply pipe has passed our site inspection your new connection will usually be completed within 21 days. If a road closure, or private land entry is required then the connection may take up to 3 months, which will be stated in your quotation if it is applicable.

Following the connection, your new supply will be left live with a meter installed. From this point on you will be responsible for the bill.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the average water connection take?

What is traffic management and why do I need it?

Is there anything I need to do on the day of the connection?

Step 8 – You register your new billing account

Your new water supply is now live. You will need to setup your billing account, so that we can send your monthly bills. If you will not be the occupant of the property, please request the occupant to register their account.

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