Water main diversion

If you need to request a diversion, change to, or removal of one of our water mains you will need to apply for a water main diversion.

Where there are water mains affecting your planned development, there may be a need to divert or change these, or alternatively you may want to look at removing an abandoned section of pipe. We can assess your proposal and comment on the design options through a water main diversion.

Unlike a sewer main diversion, we do not allow an option for Developers to carry out this work on our behalf due to the risks associated with maintaining supply to our customers and to water quality.


Water Main Diversion Applications

Below is a guide on what you need to do when making a water main diversion application, including links to make an application on our GetConnected portal. We often refer to a diversion as a ‘Section 185’.


Steps we'll take to help with your project

Don't worry we'll be in touch along the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. You apply online and pay your application fee

    Fill in our online form and pay your application fee. We’ll review your application within 5 days.

  2. We provide your quote

    We carry out a site survey and produce a quote for your project within 28 days.

  3. You sign and pay for the works

    You review the quote, sign and pay for construction works to proceed.

  4. We arrange a meeting with you

    We’ll arrange a meeting to confirm the start date and schedule for the work.

  5. We complete the diversion works

    Once the dates are confirmed, we schedule our work and begin the diversion of the water main within 90 days.

  6. You complete your works and request an inspection

    We’ll issue a conditional approval for your works. Please share it with your contractors. Once completed, you’ll need to arrange a site inspection.

  7. We complete final inspection

    After the work is complete, we’ll arrange a final inspection and complete the connection.

Stage 1 - Make an Application

All water main diversion applications should be made by applying via our GetConnected portal.

Before you apply, please read the guidance on this webpage which will take you through the process and what is required, including:

  • Site Location and Layout Plans (.pdf).
  • A CAD file (.dwg) of your proposed drawing.
  • A plan (.pdf) highlighting the length of main you would like to divert & the location you would like it moved to if you have a preference.
  • A soil analysis report (if available).
  • An application fee of £2025.00 (incl. 20% VAT).

Once your application has been made, our team will review the information submitted and we will respond within 5 days to confirm that the documentation is complete or ask for more information if required.

Stage 2 – Receive Construction Costs and Design

Within 28 days we will evaluate the construction costs and design before sending you your quotation for the works to be carried out, this will include:

  • A quotation in the form of an offer letter.
  • A remittance form.
  • Associated design drawings (.pdf).
  • A calculation sheet detailing the breakdown of the total project cost.

If our team deem the design to be complex, then we will contact you to inform of the revised timescale for delivery and that this is the case. For complex schemes we will provide you with a budget estimate offer and outline design drawing that would need to be accepted before we progress the diversion into the detailed design stage.

Stage 3 – Awaiting Acceptance and Payment

Once you have received our offer and are ready to accept the quotation and pay, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete and return the remittance form.
  • Provide us with a copy of your Pre-Construction Information pack.
  • Make payment for the works.

Following receipt of your payment and remittance form, a Project Manager from our Project Delivery team will be assigned, and they will get in contact in the following ten days to arrange a pre-start meeting.

Stage 4 – Pre-Start Meeting and Scheduling

After acceptance we will arrange for a pre-start meeting to be held at your development site, in which we will confirm the start date on site and agree a schedule for the programme of work required.

Stage 5 – On-site dates confirmed

Once the work has been scheduled and the onsite dates confirmed, we will begin the diversion of the water main in line with this. If there are any changes on-site that would affect this schedule, it is important to make us aware as early as possible.

Stage 6 – Arranging and Completing the Final Inspection

After the construction works are complete, we will arrange a final inspection and complete the connection. The water main diversion will now be complete and the main will again be live and under pressure, so any further site works should ensure the protection of this asset.

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Sewer Main Diversion

You may also want to find out more about a sewer diversion as you can either undertake a sewer diversion yourself as a Developer or through us.


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