The Hampshire Grid

In a drought, we need to make sure there is enough water for everyone and for the environment.

So, we’re building new pipelines and pumping stations to connect our water supply works at Otterbourne, Testwood and Andover in Hampshire.

This is part of our Water for Life – Hampshire programme of work. If we can move water around our network, we’ll have a more resilient network and be able reduce how much water we need to take out of the environmentally sensitive chalk streams, the River Test and River Itchen.

Why do we need new pipelines?
  1. We’ll be able to share water from Otterbourne supply works to River Way supply works (Andover) and Testwood supply works.
  2. We can store more water. As part of our proposed works we are planning to expand the storage capacity at some of our existing service reservoir sites along the pipeline routes.
  3. We’ll have more resilience, so if there was a problem at one of our sites, we can use one of the others to keep people supplied with drinking water.


Where will the new pipeline go?

We want to find the best route for this pipeline and there are several options available to us, so we are talking to landowners and carrying out surveys to decide which route is best for people and the environment.

We’ve sent out letters to anyone who has land which could be along the proposed pipeline route. If you think you might be affected but haven’t had a letter, please contact us at [email protected].


When will the pipeline route be available?

Once we’ve had initial feedback from landowners and stakeholders, we expect to have a proposed route in Autumn 2023.

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