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Water transfers

We’re developing new pipelines to transfer additional supplies from neighbouring water companies that have more water supplies available.


What are water transfers?

A water transfer is when water is directed from one water company to another – either within a region, or between regions using a large diameter pipeline, pumping stations and other equipment.

We have a number of water transfer arrangements already in place with neighbouring water companies in the South East region and we continue to explore new bulk supply options to move water to where it is most needed. They’re a relatively simple and effective way for supplies to be shared across water company boundaries – so areas with more supplies available can help those with less.

There’s often talk of developing a national water grid – but, in fact, one already exists. New inter-company and inter-regional transfers are currently being considered to increase the connectivity of this grid to allow greater flexibility in how supplies can be moved around.


Our water transfer plans

We’re collaborating with Portsmouth Water to develop a new £340 million reservoir at Havant Thicket as a strategic water resource for the South East.

The reservoir would be built on grassland next to Havant Thicket, which sits in between Rowlands Castle, Leigh Park and Staunton Country Park in Havant.

As well as providing reliable supplies for the water-stressed South East, it would also create a new green leisure facility for local communities.

It would be the first new reservoir to be built in the South East since the 1970s and is expected to take 10 years to build.

We plan to build a new pipeline to transport more water from the Havant Thicket Reservoir to our Otterbourne Water Supply Works.

We’re also working with Thames Water and water companies in the West Country to explore the potential for additional water transfers.

Water transfers are just one of our strategic solutions we're exploring to address water shortages in Hampshire.

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