Water connection

If you require a new connection or replacement of an existing supply, you will need to apply for a water connection application.

Construction of new buildings or converting existing buildings into multiple units, will require a new water supply. A water connection application facilitates this by connecting our large water mains - often found in the road outside your property - to your supply pipe. We do this by constructing a short length of ‘communication pipe’ between the two and installing any new water meters required.


Water Connection Applications

Below is a guide on what you need to do when making a water connection application, including links to make an application via our GetConnected portal. We often refer to a water connection as a ‘Section 45’.

Stage 1 - Pre-Planning Enquiry

When you are planning to connect to our network, you will need to understand if there is available capacity at your point of connection. A pre-planning enquiry will assist in identifying any possible capacity constraints that may be associated with servicing your development site. Please read through the water pre-planning enquiry guidance available on our planning your development page.

Stage 2 - Make an Application

All water connection applications should be made by applying via our GetConnected portal.

Before you apply, please read our Water Connection Guidance Notes which will take you through the process and what is required, including:

  • A site plan clearly showing where you will be bringing your private supply pipe to the boundary of the site.
  • Documentation confirming any previous water usage on your side in the last 5 years (if applicable).
  • An application fee of £85.96 (incl. 20% VAT) for your first connection and £52.48 (incl. 20% VAT) for additional subsequent connections.

Alternatively, if you would prefer for a Self-lay Provider to lay your offsite water connection, please visit our Self-lay page for more information on your options.

Once your application has been made, our team will review the information submitted and we will respond within 5 days to confirm the documentation is complete or ask for more information if required.

Stage 3 – Evaluating Construction Costs and Site Survey

As part of the process to estimate for the construction costs at your site, we will need to carry out a site survey to identify where the water connection will be made. Our water design contractor Clancy Docwra will visit your site to carry out the survey. If you have requested in your application for them to meet your site agent when they visit, they will arrange for this to happen.

It is important that any specific access arrangements to your site are made known to us during your application to avoid delay to your quotation.

Stage 4 – Receive Quotation

Within 28 days we’ll send you your estimate for the works to be carried out, this will include:

  • An offer letter.
  • A customer acceptance form.
  • A photo showing the point of connection (if applicable).
  • Associated forms and technical guidance for pipework installation (if applicable).

At this stage we will also let you know who the New Works Supervisor for your area is.

Stage 5 – Awaiting Acceptance and Second Payment

Once you have received our offer and are ready to accept the estimate and pay, you will need to do the following:

Stage 6 – Awaiting Construction

Once you have accepted and paid the quotation, you will now need to lay your private supply pipe in accordance with our technical guidance and Water Supply Regulations set out in your quotation.

Stage 7 – Book Site Inspection

When you have laid your private supply pipe and are ready to have your trench inspection carried out, you will need to contact your assigned New Works Supervisor to arrange an inspection of the works.

However please note that trench inspections will not be able to be booked until at least 72 hours after payment has been made.

Stage 8 – Connection and Meter Installation

Once your pipe has passed the trench inspection, your new service will normally be connected within 21 calendar days by our team. Following connection, the new supply will be left live with the meter installed.

If a road closure, or private land entry is required then the connection may take up to 3 months. Although we’ll detail this in the works description of your Customer Acceptance Form if either of these is required.

Stage 9 – Set up a Billing Account

Following connection, you will be responsible for the bill. So, upon the occupancy of each property, please complete the ‘New Property Sale form’ attached with your quotation and forward this to your New Works Supervisor. This is so we can ensure the right person is liable for the bills going forward as we set up the Billing Account associated with the new water meter.

Target 100

If you are building new homes and wish to take advantage of our Target 100 scheme, please submit your Building Control certificate confirming the number of water saving fittings that have been installed. If there are enough water savings to bring the average water consumption down to 110 litres per person, per day, (the current average is 130) you will receive an enhanced income offset per property.

This means that if both water and wastewater infrastructure charges apply, you could negate the need to pay Infrastructure Charges at all. More information is available on our connection charging arrangements page.


Sewer Connections

If you are building a new home or several homes and applying for a water connection, it is likely you may need a new sewer connection. To learn more and make an application please visit our sewer connection page. It is an offence to connect into our sewers directly or indirectly without our formal approval.

You can check if you're in our sewerage supply area by entering your postcode in our 'In your area' feature.

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