Save water

Water is essential to every aspect of our lives. But our water supply faces big challenges. Our population is growing fast, and climate change will bring droughts and extreme weather.

So, with less water to go around it's vital we all save water. Together we can:

  • make sure we use water wisely (and help you to do the same)
  • protect the beautiful environment we all share
  • make sure we’re fit for whatever the future might bring.

Tips for saving water in the home     Tips for saving water in the garden  

Target 100

Target 100Target 100 is a commitment to our customers – we'll support them to reduce personal consumption to an average of 100 litres each per day by 2040 while we reduce leakage by 15% by 2025 and 40% by 2040.

We'll encourage, support and incentivise our customers to understand the value of the water they use. At the same time, we'll invest in new, innovative ways of finding and fixing leaks.

We're doing our best to reduce water wastage. We're offering free water saving home visits to provide advice, look for leaks and fit water saving devices.

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