Save water

Saving water is important as only 3% of the world's water is fresh and less than 1% of this fresh water is available for human use. The rest being frozen or is located too deep within the earth for us to reach it.

The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries. The South East of England has less water available per person than the Sudan or Syria. As our population grows, more people are sharing this limited resource. Leaving less for the environment.

It is important that we use water wisely and do not waste it to ensure an adequate water supply for future generations, minimise the effects of water shortages and help build a better defence against future drought years.

Reducing the amount of water that goes to waste at home helps protect the wildlife that lives in rivers and wetlands, while cutting the energy needed for treating and pumping water for domestic use.

Southern Water were the first UK water company to introduce and install nearly 450,000 meters across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of White and this metering programme has led to:

  • A saving of 27 million litres of water a day – enough to meet the daily water needs of towns the size of Crawley, Andover and Ramsgate combined
  • An average reduction in water bills of £162 a year for 62 per cent of metered households
  • Reductions in energy bills too as heating water in the home makes up around 30% of the average household’s energy bill.

What Southern Water is doing to save water

We're offering free water saving visits with free devices being fitted. We are also offering free Waterwise talks to schools and community groups, giving information and advice. Talks are given by volunteer speakers from different areas of Southern Water. If you would be interested in one of these sessions, please complete the booking form, giving as much notice as possible. 

We continue to reduce leakage in our ongoing regional programme.

  • Over 50km of water mains have been replaced to help reduce the risks of bursts
  • Domestic meters ahve been fitted with leak alarms
  • it is easier to report leaks with our dedicated leak contact numbers (freephone 0800 820 999 or 0330 303  0146)

During times of below average rainfall, we encourage everyone to help us save water. Find out more about groundwater level, reservoir levels and our resources.

See details on our Drought Plan for Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of White.