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If you are building multiple domestic or commercial properties on a site that will have new road access you will probably need a new water main. This main, and the services to each property, can either be laid by ourselves or by accredited self-lay providers under Section 51.

We support mains laid by self-lay providers (SLP) and adopt independently installed mains and services once they are commissioned.

A national code of practice for the self-laying of water mains is now available. This sets out the requirements from the initial application and proposal through to entering into a formal agreement and completion of the work on site, with subsequent adoption by the water company.

The code of practice is designed to be read in conjunction with Southern Water’s Company Specific Addendum.

The first step with any prospective self-lay project is confirmation that the SLP / contractor has the appropriate level of competence to carry out the work.

The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) has been put in place by the water industry to effectively assess and monitor the performance of all SLPs and contractors, hence accreditation under this scheme is now the accepted method of assessment.

Close liaison and clear and timely communication between all parties is fundamental to successful progression and completion of the self lay process

This scheme is operated by Lloyds Register EMEA. To see a full list of accredited SLPs and contractors, or apply for accreditation yourself, please visit the Lloyds Register website.

For more information about self-lay, please contact our Developer Services Team on 0330 303 0119.

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