Grants and funding

If you're in an eligible area, you could be considered for grants or funding from us for work or equipment that helps to protect your catchment. The form is provided below, along with instructions about submitting your application.

Please check the map below to see if the scheme is available in your catchment. If so, please download the form for information about how and when to submit your application, along with details of the maximum funding or grant available. 

All forms can be returned by post to the address on the form – or by email to [email protected].

Farm capital – map of eligible catchments

A map of our region which shows the catchments which are eligible for the farm capital scheme.

Farm capital – grant application form

If you're in an eligible area, please fill in and return this form to be considered for grant funding in 2021–22.


Farm capital – claim form

If you've been awarded a formal offer of funding under the Farm Capital Grant Scheme, you can use this form to make a claim.

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