Community Grants & Partnership Funding

We listen to our customers and communities and design community grants and partnership funding to provide opportunities to alleviate financial hardship, support charities and community projects all within our region.

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Improving outcomes for young people

In Autumn 2022, we awarded five charity partners partnership grant for 18 months.  

We selected one charity from each of our regional areas (Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight). Each received a £10,000 donation towards their project and the opportunity to create a close working relationship, sharing skills and learning from each other.

The focus of this grant was to build a partnership and improve outcomes for young people by championing equality, diversity and inclusion for young people across our region.

Community Centre Grant

This scheme is available to support independently run community centres and spaces providing activities such as local foodbanks, support groups, warm spaces and children’s programmes.

This grant is run with the support of our delivery partners CMDP (MWH Treatment and Costain) who jointly funded this Energy grant with Southern Water, enabling us to reach more customers and communities.

Last year we awarded £20,000 to community spaces and centres from each of our regional areas (Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight). The awards went towards energy costs, helping relieve the pressure the community spaces were facing staying open in winter months. (link to winners)

We awarded 20 grants over the winter months, given by a panel of judges. All 46 applications were offered further support from our outreach services, including support for vulnerable customers with their household bills and centres, with access to our community volunteering programme and an offer of a free community talk.

Our next release of Energy Grants will be in late Autumn 2023.

Paying her bill

Financial Hardship Fund

Customers in financial hardship or challenging circumstances, can apply for funds to reduce their bills, write-off debt or for a home appliance.

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Community Centre Grant

A grant for independent community centres within our operational region, this grant is design to alleviate some of the pressure over the winter months. 

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Business Partnership Funds

Do you have a great idea to save water but not the funds to make it happen? Our Business Partnership fund is now open for Retailers and Businesses until 31 Dec 2023.

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Ensuring Water for Life, together

What if I can’t pay my bill?

We know it can be tough, so we really want to help if you’re struggling to pay your bill. You could be entitled to one of our payment schemes.

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Man on phone

Extra help and support

We understand that sometimes you may need a bit of additional assistance, especially in the event of a water shortage.

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Join our Priority Services Register

A confidential register for customers who have individual needs, and ensures our employees know about any special circumstances or needs you may have.

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