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Not only is water essential to our daily lives, it’s fascinating stuff too! Across the whole water cycle, there’s so much schools and learners can focus on – from how it reaches your home to the way we treat it afterwards, before returning it safely to the environment.

That’s why we’re always keen to help pupils and students of all ages learn more about water – whether by sharing more about what we do or through the resources and initiatives we offer for schools and the community.


Take a look around

We’ve gathered our resources for schools, along with information about free educational talks and links to careers information.

Whether you’re a pupil, teacher or a young person preparing to join the world of work, we’re confident you’ll find something here to capture your imagination – and expand your knowledge!


Free school resources

We support schools through all key stages and across the curriculum. Many of our programmes look at the ways water impacts our lives.

If you’re a teacher or classroom assistant, take your pick from our free assemblies, classroom posters, kids activities and educational videos.



Self-delivery assembly – 'Beware the Unflushables'

Self-delivery assembly – 'Why do we need to save water?'

Poster – the water cycle

Our water cycle poster is designed to support learning. It's aimed at group leaders who work with 7–11 year olds.

Resources – Waterwise packs

Our Waterwise activity pack is aimed at group leaders who work with 7–11 year olds. These simple activities are ideal for schools, scouts, guides, after-school and holiday clubs.

Full pack

Individual sections

Fact cards

Waterwise DVD

School talks

We deliver Waterwise and Sewerwise courses to help people of all ages understand where their water comes from – and where their wastewater goes:

  • Waterwise talks focus on the importance of water. We explain where drinking water comes from and how we treat it. We also share tips for saving water, energy and money.
  • Sewerwise talks explain what happens to wastewater after it goes down the toilet or plughole. We tell people how to prevent homes being flooded by binning items like wet wipes and only flushing the three Ps – pee, poo and paper. We also provide information about the impact of incorrectly-plumbed properties, the importance of street gullies for carrying rainwater out to sea and how we treat wastewater.

If you’re looking for an engaging visitor or an interactive STEM event for your pupils, look no further – book a school talk.


Sixteen and beyond

The end of school shouldn't mean you stop learning. Whether you're a young person who wants to learn more – or a school-leaver getting ready to start your career – we've got plenty to offer you too.


Community talks

Our Waterwise and Sewerwise talks aren’t just for kids. In fact, we’ve delivered them to people aged five to 105! We tailor each session to the audience, choosing the videos and activities to match the group’s maturity and level of understanding.

If you’re part of a social club or community group, ask us to join you – book a community talk.


Have you considered a career with us?

If you’re preparing to join the world of work, you could be just who we need.

If you’ve got a passion for a STEM subject, utilities companies like us rely on people like you. And if your strengths lie elsewhere, we hire people with a range of other skills across our business too. So whatever your talents, we may have an opportunity for you.

You can look for a job or find out about what we do.


Water for schools

Water is vital for a healthy lifestyle, better concentration and comfortable learning. We provide water bottles for schools and other youth groups at a discounted rate.


Southern Water is an Official Friend of Eco-Schools England

A Friend of Eco-Schools England is a Keep Britain Tidy-recognised provider of high-quality education for sustainability resources, services or experiences.

A Friend’s aims, objectives and ethos align with those of the Eco-Schools Programme and they share a commitment to the development of education for sustainability. Keep Britain Tidy is an independent charity and the national operator of the Eco-Schools programme in England.

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