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Water main connections

If a new or replacement water connection is required, it will be necessary to complete an application for a Water Connection.

This form should be used to request estimates for connections when no water main has been requisitioned. 

These connections to water mains are usually provided for individual buildings or properties and include a communication pipe and meter.

The communication pipe is our responsibility and usually runs between the water main and the boundary of the street (as defined by the New Road and Streetworks Act 1991) in which the main is laid. The remainder of the Service Pipe connecting to the property (the supply pipe) is the customer's responsibility.

We are happy for larger blocks of flats to be metered internally, provided our terms and conditions are met.

If you are planning to install a fire sprinkler system, it is essential the background information notes are read.

Please note the following:

  • All water connections to new or converted premises are metered in accordance with provisions in the Water Industry Act 1991 
  • We can only provide connections to private pipework that complies with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (1999). Detailed explanations of these are found on our Water Regulations pages.

Please download and print out the application form and send your complete submission to:

Developer Services
Southern Water
Southern House
Hampshire, SO21 2SW


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