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Bathing waters

Improving and championing the water quality of our designated bathing waters is a priority for us. Here you can learn about our bathing waters and what we’re doing to protect them.


Our role in improving bathing waters

With the help of our partners across the region, we’re working hard to make a positive difference by reducing storm overflow releases, upgrading our network, tackling illegally connected private wastewater pipes and developing improvement plans.

Designated bathing waters are those classified by the Environment Agency each year through their weekly water quality sampling programme, taking place between May and September.

Our report and plan

Our annual Bathing Water Report provides an update on bathing water classifications and what we're doing to improve them while our Bathing Water Improvement Plan outlines our approach to improving designated bathing water quality at priority sites.

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Designated bathing waters

Our region has 87 designated bathing waters – up from 84 previously, following the addition of Rottingdean, Goring and Worthing Beach House.

To view the Environment Agency’s own data for each site, browse the county-by-county lists below. This is sourced directly from the Environment Agency's website.

An aerial view of boats moored at Chichester Harbour

Beachbuoy – near-real-time water quality updates

The 700 miles of coastline in our region are the lifeblood of many of the communities we serve – whether through tourism, business or leisure.

Over recent years, we have invested millions of pounds to improve the quality of the bathing waters in our region.

You can also use our Beachbuoy tool to find out more information about storm overflow releases. This interactive map provides near-real-time data about release activity in our designated bathing waters.

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