Our service provides the most up to date information on water quality at the beach.

We're currently piloting this service at the two main harbours in our region which are used as recreational waters, as well as a small selection of bathing waters.

We plan to provide similar information for other bathing waters in the near future.

During this pilot, we'll add updates between 9am-5pm (we're working on 24/7 automatic updates in the future).

During or after rainfall, to prevent streets and homes flooding inland, we sometimes release heavily-diluted wastewater into coastal waters.

These 'stormwater releases' are permitted by the Environment Agency, but we want to let you know every time this happens.

How to use Beachbuoy

  • click on one of the sites above to see the latest information on stormwater releases
  • if you'd like future email updates for a particular site, click on it and enter your email address
  • notifications will remain viewable here for 24 hours after a stormwater release (or the latest in a series of releases).

Further information

Coastal water quality can also be affected by rainwater running off roads and industrial or agricultural land, wastewater from privately-owned treatment works, boats and animals (such as dogs or seabirds) on the beach.

Beachbuoy only reports Southern Water’s stormwater releases - not whether coastal water is safe to swim in.

For more information on water quality, please visit the Environment Agency's bathing water quality page.