Medway catchment


We are starting to develop the first Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) for the Medway catchment. It is one of 11 river catchment based DWMPs across our operating region covering Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. All 11 of these plans will inform a single overarching DWMP for our whole operating area.

DWMPs are long-term investment plans for drainage and wastewater management to ensure the sustainability of drainage infrastructure and systems so they meet the needs of customers and the environment now and into the future.​

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Strategic context

We have started drafting the strategic context for the Medway catchment DWMP.

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Working with others

We want to work with other organisations responsible for drainage, flooding and protection of the environment to develop the Medway DWMP.
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Risk based catchment screening

Results of our risk based catchment screening process for the Medway catchment.

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Results of our Baseline Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (BRAVA).

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Problem characterisation

Find out about the causes and drivers of risk in the Medway catchment. 

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Options development and appraisal

See how we may be able to reduce the risks in the Medway catchment.

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Find out about our programme for our Level 3 plans in the Medway catchment. 

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Have your say about our plans in the Medway catchment.

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