The Solent - Isle of Wight pathfinder project

Isle of Wight

Why a pathfinder here?
Sandown is the catchment with the largest number of storm overflow releases in 2020. It is made up of eight sub-catchments and covers more than 90% of the population of the Isle of Wight. This catchment gives us the opportunity to trial different solutions due to the mix of catchments within one defined area. These include enhanced wastewater pumping station control, surface water removal and storage solutions. We’re building a strong collation with partners and commitment to deliver interventions that will significantly reduce storm overflows on the island.

Stage of the project - In delivery
Technical and summary reports have been published, slow-drain water butt trial in Havenstreet complete with case study, 1000 homes in Gurnard/Cowes being offered a slow-drain water butt, raingarden planters installed at businesses, schools and community sites to reduce rainwater entering the network, found and investigating a large misconnection where surface water is connected in the foul sewer, increased storm capacity at Appley and installed new pumps at two pumping stations. We’re working closely with the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency to identify further opportunities, green highstreets and improve network efficiency.

Project due to be complete by 2025.

Desired outcome
Demonstrate how to significantly reduce the use of storm overflows at scale and how wastewater flow is measured across sub-catchments.

Sandown Pathfinder Summary Report September 2022
Sandown Pathfinder Technical Report September 2022
Sandown Pathfinder Technical Report Appendices September 2022

Case Studies
Using slow-drain water butts to slow the flow in Havenstreet
Sustainable drainage systems to slow the flow in schools across the south

Areas of work
Cowes and East Cowes
Fishbourne and Wootton
Freshwater and Yarmouth 
Gurnard and Northwood