Our NEW WAVE Educational Resources

Southern Water’s curriculum-linked NEW WAVE education programme includes in-school lessons, workshops, and assemblies, as well as outdoor learning in partnership with the South East Rivers Trust and eye-opening tours of our wastewater treatment works. Whether you’re looking for a 20-minute water saving assembly, a fun day trip or some time with nature, we’re able to support you.

Calling all Water Protectors and Detectives!

Explore our KS1 and 2 modules here to find out more about the water cycle and water usage and saving ideas

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Wastewater Quest for KS2/3

The BRAND-NEW Module, ‘Wastewater Quest’, an interactive school assembly, where students take part in an interactive quiz, through a virtual tour.

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Our River Our Water

FREE education sessions for local schools on Rivers Dun, Dour and Gatwick Stream to show how to save water to protect our environment.

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Beyond the Drain Tour

Our tour walks you through the scientific processes used at the centre, with fun and engaging ways to learn...

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Ensuring Water for Life, together

Children swimming


Your community is our community because the vast majority of Southern Water employees live and work in the region.

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Our relationship with the environment is a vital element of our business. Ensuring we act in a responsible, sustainable way is an essential part of how we work.

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Family gardening

Save water, save money

Water is essential to every aspect of our lives. But our water supply faces big challenges.

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