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Strategic Environmental Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a process for plans and programmes to undergo an environmental assessment to determine the likely significant effects on issues such as biodiversity, climatic factors, human health, population, cultural heritage (including archaeology), air, material assets, landscape and water.


National guidance published by Water UK on the DWMP states that, as the DWMPs are strategic plans, it would “make sense to align the assessment of impacts and benefits to the requirements of an SEA, to demonstrate that the plan delivers the best, sustainable outcomes for customers, stakeholders and the environment, including consideration of natural capital / ecosystem service provision as a result of planned investment / operation.”

There is not a statutory requirement to undertake an SEA for this round of the DWMP to meet the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programme Regulations, 2004. However, the national guidance states that “undertaking an SEA on the final optimised plan would be ‘best practice’ and is recommended.”

Following consultation on our SEA Scoping Report and Draft Environmental Report, the final Environmental Report sets out how environmental and social objectives are at the heart of the DWMP. It accompanies our final DWMP which sets out the investments and measures needed to mitigate potential impacts.

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