How we calculate your bill

Here you'll find information about our charges for the year 2022-23.

How we calculate your bill

We recognise it’s not always easy to get your head around how any utility company works out what you owe. It can be complicated. Here, you’ll find a simpler breakdown of our charges for water, wastewater (that’s all the dirty water we take away from your homes and properties) and sometimes other services.


How charges are worked out

Water regulator Ofwat sets a ceiling on the amount of money any water company can make. Within this context, we review our charges every year and have these approved by our non-executive board as part of our governance process.

We charge you based on your meter reading, which tells us how much water you’ve used and dirty water we’ll need to take away (most of you have a meter these days).

Take a look at how much water the average household uses to get an idea of what to expect from your bill.


Charges for metered properties
Service Annual standing charge* Charge £ per cubic metre
Water supply £18.81 £1.550
Wastewater £21.11 £1.976
Surface water drainage £20.88**
Highway drainage £10.44

Charges for the year 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

* For normal domestic meters

** In certain circumstances a surface water rebate is available.


Other charging methods

When you don’t have a water meter (you can apply for a water meter), you’ll be charged in one of the following ways:

  • Assessed bills: based on the number of bedrooms at your property, or whether someone is a sole occupant. See table below
  • Unmetered bills: based on the rateable value of your home, as set at 31 March 1990 (this measure is set by a branch of the government and is broadly based on how much your property would fetch in rent over the period of a year). See table below
  • A fixed annual fee: if your home doesn't have a rateable value and you're not on an assessed charge.


Charges for assessed properties
Number of bedrooms Water charges for year Sewerage charges for year*
Single occupier £114.37 £164.87
1 bedroom £145.36 £200.44
2 bedrooms £176.36 £237.99
3 bedrooms £199.60 £265.66
4 bedrooms £207.35 £273.57
5 bedrooms £218.20 £287.40

* If you receive a surface water rebate deduct £20.88

* If you receive your water from a separate company, your Assessed charges may differ from the table above. Each independent water company has its own method of calculating assessed measured charges and therefore our wastewater charges reflect those differences.


Charges for unmetered properties

Service Annual standing charge Charge per £ of rateable value Minimum charge
Water supply £15.20 £0.973 £75.63
Wastewater £16.96 £1.195 £101.64
Surface water drainage £20.88*
Highway drainage £10.44

* In certain circumstances a surface water rebate is available.

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If you receive your water from a separate company, find out about our wastewater charges.

Wastewater-only customers


Our charges update each year on 1 April – if your billing period spans two charging amounts, we'll calculate your bill accordingly.

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While everyone’s been at home more, we’ve all been using more water – so your bill may have gone up. Using less water could reduce your costs.
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