Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a process for plans and programmes to undergo an environmental assessment to determine the likely significant effects on issues such as biodiversity, climatic factors, human health, population, cultural heritage (including archaeology), air, material assets, landscape and water.


The Water UK guidance on DWMPs states that, as the DWMPs are strategic plans, it would “make sense to align the assessment of impacts and benefits to the requirements of an SEA, to demonstrate that the plan delivers the best, sustainable outcomes for customers, stakeholders and the environment, including consideration of natural capital / ecosystem service provision as a result of planned investment / operation.

There is not a statutory requirement to undertake an SEA for this round of the DWMP to meet the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programme Regulations, 2004. However, Water UK guidance states that “undertaking an SEA on the final optimised plan would be ‘best practice’ and is recommended”.

We have produced our SEA Scoping Report setting out how we are approaching SEA during the development of our DWMPs:

SEA Scoping Report

SEA Scoping Report – Appendices



The SEA Scoping Report is being issued for a formal five-week consultation period between Tuesday 21 September 2021 and midnight on Tuesday 26 October 2021

We are particularly seeking responses from the three statutory bodies: The Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England. However, responses from wider partners and stakeholders are warmly welcomed.

At this stage we welcome your views on the SEA Scoping Report including the key questions below. 

Please note: If you complete the feedback form, your response will be sent directly to Southern Water. Please note, Southern Water will only use your personal data for the purposes of aggregating the results of the survey and for contacting you to provide feedback where you have requested this. Please do not put any personally identifiable information in any of the free text boxes. For full details of how Southern Water uses personal information generally, please see our privacy notice

You are also welcome to respond to our consultation on our work on DWMPs to date:

DWMP consultation


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