Our sewer system is increasingly under pressure from the effects of climate change and greater urbanisation. Storm overflows are used during heavy or prolonged rainfall when the network becomes overwhelmed. When this occurs, excess water is released into rivers and the sea, to prevent homes, businesses, schools, and roads flooding.

Our customers want to us to build a sustainable system fit for the future. That is why we’ve set up a dedicated task force to significantly reduce storm overflows by 2030. We're already working hard towards our target, delivering in six ‘pathfinder’ areas, building a regional plan, and working with partners to manage catchment flow.

Below you'll find information about what storm overflows are, what we're doing to tackle their use, about our pathfinder projects and how you can get involved.

What are storm overflows?

Information about why we use storm overflows.

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Get real-time information about releases of stormwater or wastewater at your favourite spot.

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Clean Rivers and Seas Plan

Interactive map of all our storm overflows and our plan to reduce them.

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Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force

Discover how our Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force aims to significantly reduce storm overflows.

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Learn more and get involved

Learn how you can help slow the flow.

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Pathfinder projects

Explore how our pioneering projects are helping to reduce the use of storm overflows.

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