Our plans

We plan for the future based on what you’ve told us is important to you

We know our performance is not yet good enough, and we have a Turnaround Plan which will deliver a short sharp ambitious improvement by 2025, particularly in terms of our environmental performance.

We are committed to this turnaround, supported by significant new investment from our shareholders. At the same time, our customers have received a discount on bills since 2020 due to our historic poor performance and no external dividends have been paid since 2017 to make sure that all profits have been reinvested to support improvements for our customers and the environment.

Our Turnaround Plan includes four clear outcomes that we’re promising to deliver, improving our service to customers and protecting and improving the environment, including: a reliable supply of water for our customers; healthy rivers and seas; trusted and easy customer service; and empowered and supported colleagues.

We’ll be reporting on progress on this plan every six months through to 2025.

Our Business Plan 2025–30

We have now submitted our Business Plan 2025–30 to Ofwat. Our largest and most ambitious plan yet at £7.8 billion, it’s one-and-a-half times the size of our previous programme and will deliver the single biggest enhancement investment in our environment – £3.3 billion – in our history.

Some improvements will be gradual, in terms of how we work every day, while others require a step-change. This will include us using innovative technology, redesigning sewer networks, building new wastewater treatment works, creating new water supplies and upgrading our water supply works. We believe this plan will deliver lasting improvements to services for customers, new assets to secure future water supplies and ensure we protect and improve the environment.

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More details on our plans

Water resources management plans

Find out more about our water resources plan, published in December 2019, which details how we plan to keep your taps flowing for the next 50 years.

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Pollution Reduction Programme

Targets are set to reduce pollution incidents to zero by 2040. A detailed programme is documented in our latest Pollution Incident Reduction Plan.

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Our Long-Term Priorities

We’re clear about our vision to create a resilient water future for our customers in the South East, here we explain what this means and what we’re planning to achieve by 2050.

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Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans

Planning for the future of drainage, wastewater and environmental water quality by developing 11 Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans.

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Hampshire drought plan

Hampshire relies on rivers for drinking water, to protect them we must reduce how much water we take from them by investing in new water sources.

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Net Zero Plan

Our Net Zero Plan shows how we can work together to accelerate our efforts to achieve our net zero carbon goal.

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Storm Overflows

With heavy/long rainfall the network gets overwhelmed, excess water is released into the sea and rivers to stop homes, businesses, schools and roads flooding.

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Business Plan 2020-25

Our proposed business plan, which has now been submitted to our regulator Ofwat, frames a journey to a better business.

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Final Assurance Plan

Updates from stakeholder engagement and the progress on our assurance activities for the 2023-24 financial year.

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Infiltration reduction plan

Plan to deliver clean, safe water with a reliable future-proof network that's affordable with great customer service.

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Our areas of investment

We’ve come a long way since our transformation programme started in 2017 and we’re going further each day.

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Your water, your say

Draft proposal plans for providing water and wastewater services form 2025-30. Here is your chance to ask us questions.

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