Our Business Plan 2025–30

This is our largest and most ambitious plan yet, double the size of our current delivery plan at £7.8 billion.

More than 25,000 customers spent over 8,000 hours telling us what they think to help us develop it. They told us they wanted us to continue providing clean, wholesome, safe drinking water now and into the future; reduce leakage; prevent pollutions and flooding and reduce our use of storm overflows while increasing the support we provide to customers in the most vulnerable circumstances.

They were also clear on how we should do things – using new technology and nature-based solutions where we can, collaborating with community partners and showing leadership on key environmental issues.

Here’s a short summary of our plan  

You can also read the full suite of documents submitted to our regulator below:

Business Plan 2025-30 documents

Updated Price Review 2024 Business Plan Tables October 2023

PR19 SRO Reconciliation Models

PR19 Reconciliation Models

Cost Adjustment Claims

Financial Model

Technical Annex

Enhancement Business Cases

SRN Quality and ambition assessment checklist

SRN PR24 Bill Waterfall Model

SRN RoRE Models

Other useful information 

Your water, your say
Draft proposal plans for providing water and wastewater services form 2025–30. A chance for our customers to ask us questions.
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Our commitment on executive pay and dividends
Within our Business Plan 2025–30 we have made commitments to link executive pay and the payment of shareholder dividends to stretching customer and environmental targets set by our regulator.
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