Our six-week consultation on our Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project is now live until 16 August. You can select the following link to access the consultation materials and provide your feedback.

The consultation is on our Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project, a major component of the Water for Life – Hampshire programme. We invite you to have your say about specific aspects of the Project. After the consultation, your views will be considered as we develop our proposals further.

One area of focus for the consultation is our proposed pipeline corridors. These are areas of land within which our underground pipes will be routed to transfer water to and from our proposed water recycling plant, and between Havant Thicket Reservoir and Otterbourne Water Supply Works. These areas also include sites where above-ground infrastructure (such as pumping stations, break pressure tanks, construction compounds, access routes and areas for environmental improvements) could be located.

Alongside the consultation we have shared more information about the water recycling technology being proposed, including details of how it will work, how it helps achieve the objectives of the Water for Life – Hampshire programme and how it may become a blueprint for rolling out the technology in other parts of the UK.

Following the close of this public consultation, we’ll consider all the feedback we receive, alongside further technical and environmental work, as we work to develop a more detailed design for the Project. We'll present this more detailed design, alongside our preliminary environmental work, at another consultation in 2023, during which people will have an opportunity to provide further feedback.

For details of the drop-in sessions, webinars and how to have your say, visit:


Consultation strategy timeline
Date Milestone
2019 Water Resources Management Plan published
2021 First public consultation on preferred strategy (desalination)
Summer 2022 Public consultation (pipeline route options)
2023 Public consultation (further technical detail on pipeline route and water recycling infrastructure)
2023 Anticipated consent application submission
2025 Consent application decision
2026 Construction starts
2030 Strategic Resource Option operational
Past consultations

Public Consultation 2021

Public Consultation 2021

We ran a virtual public consultation on the desalination scheme from February to April 2021.

Read the brochure we've produced for the consultation.


We consulted on elements of the desalination scheme (pipeline routes and inlet/outfall locations) and introduced the concept of back-up alternatives, including water transfers and water recycling. 

The 2021 consultation ran from 8 February until 16 April 2021, with 180 responses received and 3,224 people accessing the virtual engagement space. The purpose of the consultation was to consult on the proposed desalination plant at Fawley as the strategic solution for the programme and on alternative water transfer and water recycling options should the desalination plant prove undeliverable, at this location and at this time. It was also used as an awareness and education opportunity to provide the public and key stakeholders with technical information on the solution and what it means for them.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time, the consultation was digital-led, using the online Virtual Engage platform alongside social media, press advertisements, media interviews, briefings and webinars.

The consultation identified support for a water transfer and water recycling alternative to desalination, and following our options appraisal process we have decided to take forward these alternatives. A Consultation Feedback Report, providing an overview of the main themes of the consultation responses received, is available here: 

Consultation Feedback Report

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