Options development and appraisal for Cuckmere and Pevensey Levels

Our approach to options development and appraisal (ODA) is explained in a technical summary.

For each of the wastewater systems selected for the options development and appraisal, we have identified the types of measures (options) that may be beneficial in reducing the risks to customers and the environment. These are the generic options. They are grouped into those that reduce the risks at  source (i.e. avoid or remove the risk), those that can be managed through investment in our wastewater system (the pathway) and those that mitigate the consequences on people or the environment (the receptors).  The list of generic options is shown in the table below.

Table of generic options

We commenced the ODA process at the river basin catchment scale (level 2 planning) in order to look across all the wastewater systems in the river basin and identified generic options that could work in the wastewater system.  The Generic Options are based on the drivers and causes of risks, and these will be investigated and developed further from a long-list of Unconstrained Options through to Feasible Options during the investment planning process.

The map below shows the Generic Options for each of the selected wastewater systems. This provides an indication of the type of solutions we will be investigating further to manage and reduce the risks in the wastewater system that could have an impact on customers or the environment. The symbols are taken from the table above.

Map of Generic Options in the Cuckmere and Pevensey Levels RBC

The Generic Options which have been screened as the type of options to progress further in the planning process for each wastewater system can be downloaded using the links below:

System ref. Wastewater system Generic options screening
EALP Eastbourne Eastbourne Options Screening
HABX Bexhill and Hastings Bexhill and Hastings Options Screening
HAIN Hailsham North Hailsham North Options Screening
HAIS Hailsham South Hailsham South Options Screening
VINE Vines Cross Vines Cross Vines Cross Options Screening
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