Consultation on the Rother river basin catchment

We held an initial consultation on our draft DWMP in September and October 2021. The purpose of the consultation was to gain feedback and advice from our customers and organisations on our developing Plan.

We specifically asked about:

  • Our Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report
  • Our selection of wastewater systems to take forward into the Options Development and Appraisal stage of the DWMP in the first cycle, and
  • Our developing plans on each of the 11 river basin catchments.

Our report on the initial DWMP consultation is now available.

When we consulted on the developing plans for the Rother river basin catchment you told us that the key issues we needed to take into consideration were:

  • The drainage issues in the Fairlight catchment are significant due to instability of the Fairlight Cliffs. A long-term project is needed to minimise surface water draining over the top of the cliffs, and to deal with specific drainage issues within the catchment area.
  • Drainage and land stability issues are major concerns and should be prioritised.
  • New and improved infrastructure is needed to increase capacity and meet the demands of new development and future growth.
  • Misconnections must be reduced alongside the risks from poor condition assets.
  • Environmentally sensitive areas must be protected.

The Investment Needs for the Rother that we identified in our first DWMP are in the Programme Appraisal page.

We are now consulting on our draft regional (Level 1) DWMP. This link will take you to our consultation page so you can tell us your views on it: Have your say.

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