BRAVA for the Stour catchment

The Baseline Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (BRAVA) is an important step in the development of our DWMP in order to understand current system performance and future vulnerabilities (or risks).

A BRAVA assessment has been completed for the Stour river basin catchment for each of the Water UK planning objectives for all of the sewer catchments flagged during the Risk Based Catchment Screening (RBCS) for the Stour catchment.  


The output of the BRAVA shows:
  • the current risks and issues in each sewer catchment within the Stour catchment – providing a baseline to assess future risks against
  • how those risks may change in future, and when they may change
  • the primary drivers behind the future changes in risk including:
    • a deterioration in the performance of our sewerage systems
    • climate change – including the increasing frequency and severity of droughts and storms
    • customer behaviour – including issues such as sewer blockages or use of environmentally degrading materials such as chemicals, pesticides and plastics
    • growth and urban creep
    • a combination of any or all of these that are relevant in the catchment being assessed.   
Download the results for the BRAVA for the Stour river basin catchment:

BRAVA Summary – Stour

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