Risk based catchment screening for the Stour catchment

Risk based catchment screening (RBCS) is a process where existing, readily available data is used to identify where there is a current and/or potential risk or vulnerability in the sewer catchment to future changes, such as new residential development or changes in climate. This enables effort to be focused on these catchments during the development of the DWMP in order to understand these risks in more detail and why they are likely to occur.

The RBCS involves the assessment of each sewer catchment against 17 indicators set out in guidance published by Water UK. Water companies can add additional indicators to ensure that other important issues are highlighted at this early stage in the development of the DWMPs. We have included an additional metric on customer complaints as this provides a flag for catchments with ongoing or outstanding concerns.

Find out more about the risk based catchment screening process.

The results for the RBCS for the Stour river basin catchment can be downloaded here:

RBCS – Stour catchment

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