Pollution Reduction Programme

We’ve set an ambitious target to reduce pollution incidents to zero by 2040. To work towards this, we’ve developed a detailed programme of activities – documented in our Pollution Incident Reduction Plan.

Striving for zero pollutions

We’ve set an ambitious target to reduce pollution incidents to zero by 2040.

Our pollution reduction programme (PRP) will deliver a big step-change in how we work, prioritise and remedy issues on our sites.

In 2019-20 we recorded 434 pollution incidents across our region, by 2025 we aim to have reduced this to fewer than 80.  


How? – Through our Pollution Incident Reduction Plan

We’re one of the only organisations in our sector to have developed a pollution reduction programme based on extensive data analysis.

Our in-depth analysis is helping us to understand where and how our sites are most likely to impact the environment. Understanding what can go wrong and why allows us to focus our attention and investment on areas which will deliver the biggest reduction in pollution incidents. We’re also learning from past pollution incidents and industry best practice, so we can drive effective interventions to reduce pollution incidents in future.

Based on this, we’ve developed an agile and detailed programme of activities to deliver a sustainable reduction in pollution incidents – this is documented in our Pollution Incident Reduction Plan (PIRP).

So far, our activities to resolve specific issues include:

  • awareness and training
  • enhancing site resilience to power failure and electrical faults
  • improving pump reliability, customer behaviour programmes to reduce blockages caused by sewer misuse
  • alarm transformation
  • enhanced rotas for the regional control centre (RCC)
  • an RCC transformation programme and improved root cause analysis (RCA).

You can read our PIRP in more detail here:

Pollution Incident Reduction Plan – 2021

Pollution Incident Reduction Plan – 2020


What can you do?

We are leading the sector in self reporting – this means our staff are trained to spot pollution incidents no matter how small. However, we need eyes and ears everywhere. If you see something that you think might be a pollution get in touch on 0330 303 0368 – together, we can protect and improve the environment.


Our environmental performance

We're committed to providing greater transparency about our environmental performance – including our latest performance data, alongside information about what we're doing to improve. Find out more about our environmental performance.

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