Pollution Reduction Programme

We’ve set an ambitious target to reduce pollution incidents to zero by 2040. To work towards this, we’ve developed a detailed programme of activities – documented in our latest Pollution Incident Reduction Plan.

We’ve published our latest plan, building on our first plan published in 2020, and our second plan in 2021. Our third Pollution Incident Reduction Plan looks ahead to year three by:

  • giving an overview of our 2021 pollution performance and showing what we learnt from it
  • providing an update on the delivery of the second year of the plan
  • setting out our plans for the third year.

This latest plan places a greater focus on people, processes and systems, includes training and system improvements, and uses insights from a review of all pollution incidents from July to December 2021.

The plan to reduce pollution incidents for year three is to:

  • upgrade our control centre
  • improve the availability of our assets on our treatment works and pumping stations
  • adapt our assets to deal with wetter weather
  • fix problems proactively, before they become an issue
  • upgrade our wastewater pumping stations
  • clean the network and prevent leaks
  • install 22,000 monitors, enabling a proactive digital network

Our forecast is that year three of the plan will deliver a 60% reduction in total pollutions and a 58% reduction in serious pollution incidents.


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What can you do?

We are leading the sector in self reporting – this means our staff are trained to spot pollution incidents no matter how small. However, we need eyes and ears everywhere. If you see something that you think might be a pollution get in touch on 0330 303 0368 – together, we can protect and improve the environment.


Our environmental performance

We're committed to providing greater transparency about our environmental performance – including our latest performance data, alongside information about what we're doing to improve. Find out more about our environmental performance.

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