Save water, save money with AquaHacks

Your daily life depends on water – from washing and cleaning, to staying healthy and hydrated. But could you use less than you do?


Could you save water?

Saving water can slash your bills, giving you spare cash to spend. It also means we need to take less from local rivers, reservoirs and underground stores – so using less helps the environment too by taking pressure off local water sources. 

Small changes for big results

What are the biggest water-guzzlers in your home? Showering, flushing toilets and washing clothes are top of the list.

Yet small, everyday changes can make a huge difference to how much water you use. We call these 'AquaHacks'. 

Shorter showers make savings

Showers are your biggest water-wasters. So, cutting your shower time is one of the easiest ways to save.

The average UK shower lasts eight minutes – costing £416 a year in energy costs for the typical family. This cost doubles if you have a power shower, as they use twice as much energy and water.

But shorter showers make savings. Shortening showers to four minutes halves the cost. By doing so, the average UK family could save 21,900 litres of water a year – enough to make 300 cups of tea a day.

Do you want a great AquaHack to cut your shower time? Try a four-minute shower anthem. Challenge yourself to get in and out of the shower before the following songs end:

  • Rain Town by Deacon Blue (3:50)
  • It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls (3:31)
  • I Can’t Stand the Rain by Tina Turner (3:41)

Alternatively, you can choose a shower soundtrack of your own – or head over to the Southern Water Spotify account for more four-minute suggestions. 

Other ways to save

The shower isn’t the only place you can save water. Here are some handy water-saving tips you can try elsewhere in and around your home:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth – a running tap spews nine litres per minute.
  • Use a watering can instead of a hose – a hosepipe can gush up to 16 litres each minute.
  • Wait for a full load before putting your dishwasher and washing machine on – fewer loads use less water.
  • Save toilet flushes for when they really matter – remember, if it’s yellow let it mellow.
  • Use a water butt – a single one can collect 200 litres of rainwater for you to use around the garden.

We’ve got plenty more tips for the home and garden if you want more water-saving ideas

Your AquaHacks

In addition, our customers have shared some AquaHacks of their own. Here are a few of our favourites:

We take a sports bottle of water to bed each night and any unused water the next morning either gets given to the houseplants or popped into the kettle for a cup of tea.

Imagine you are pouring your money down the drain ... which you are effectively!

When my son comes home from school, I use any water left in his water bottle to water my plants.

What are your best AquaHacks?

If you’ve got a great water-saving tip, let us know! Share your best AquaHacks on social media using #AquaHacks.



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Achieved 2018–19: 129.9 litres

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