We prepare two plans which set out how we’ll secure a resilient water future for customers in the south east.

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) looks ahead to understand how much water we need in the future and identify the best ways to secure resilient supplies. Every water company in England and Wales produces a WRMP and must update it every five years. Each company must plan for at least 25 years.

Our Drought Plan explains what we’ll do to manage our water supplies when a drought occurs.

Water Resources Management Plans

We supply drinking water to over one million homes and businesses in the South East. We’re required to plan ahead to make sure there’ll always be enough water available.

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Regional planning

Water Resources South East (WRSE) is an alliance of the six water companies serving the south east and is developing our first regional water resources plan.

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WRMP 2020 to 2070

We published our current Water Resources Management Plan in December 2019. It covers the period from 2020 to 2070.

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Drought Plans

Our Drought Plan sets out how we would deal with a drought in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Our WRMP24 consultation

It’s important we hear from our customers and stakeholders about our plans. So, we will run a statutory consultation on our draft WRMP in 2022.

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Draft WRMP technical documents

We’ve produced more detail on our how we developed our draft WRMP and the options we considered.

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Water for Life Hampshire

Hampshire has always relied on the environment for drinking water. But we must reduce how much we take. This means investing in new water sources.

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Drought Plan consultation

We consulted on our updated drought plan in 2021 and expect to publish it later in 2022.

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