We prepare two plans which set out how we’ll secure a resilient water future for customers in the South East and keep taps flowing during droughts.

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) forecasts how much water we’ll need in the future and proposes a mix of options to make sure we have enough. We’re currently consulting on our draft plan for the next 50 years.

Our Drought Plan explains how we’ll manage water supplies when droughts occur, such as we experienced in the summer of 2022.

Our consultation on our draft water resources management plan closed on 20th February 2023. We’re developing our Statement of Response and will publish it on 31st August 2023.

Statement of response for our draft WRMP

We consulted on our draft WRMP from November 2022 until 20th February 2023.

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Draft best value regional plan

Water Resources South East, an alliance of the six water companies serving the south east, are developing the first regional water resources plan.

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Our current WRMP 2020–70

We published our current Water Resources Management Plan in December 2019. It covers the period from 2020 to 2070.

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Drought Plans

Our Drought Plan sets out how we would deal with a drought in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Our Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2024

This outlines how we’ll secure the water we need for homes, businesses and the environment.

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Draft WRMP technical documents

How we developed our draft WRMP and the options we considered.

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Water for Life Hampshire

Hampshire has always relied on the environment for drinking water. But we must reduce how much we take. This means investing in new water sources.

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WRMP webinar slides and recordings

We shared more detail about our WRMP through three webinars. You can watch the recordings on this page.

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