Water Resources Plan

We plan 25 years ahead to make sure we can supply reliable, healthy, drinking water for everyone in the future.

We update our plans every five years and on 15 October 2014, we published our Water Resources Management Plan for 2015-40.

This plan includes an innovative way of planning to help us prepare for droughts in the future which may be more severe than those we have experienced in the past. 

It also prepares us for the challenges ahead of a growing population, the effects of climate change and reductions in our licences to abstract water.

Your say

We talked to thousands of our customers and community organisations as we developed our plan and during a 12-week public consultation in 2013.

We received nearly 1,000 responses during the consultation and following this we published a Statement of Response, which showed where we made changes to the plan as a result of the feedback.

Our final plan was approved for publication by the Government in September 2014 and we published the documents in October 2014. 

We have published a summary of our Water Resources Management Plan for 2015-40 and our Drought Plan for 2013-16 which brings together our water strategy to secure reliable, drinking water supplies in the future.

Download our Water Resources Management Plan documents for 2015-40 below:

Water Resources & Drought Strategy (Summary)  
WRMP Customer Brochure  
WRMP Technical Report