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Business Plan 2015-20

Our new plan for 2015–20 sets out details of the improved water and wastewater services we will provide in the future. It will see average bills fall by eight per cent before inflation

The original plan, which can be read or downloaded below, was published following the public consultation on our draft plan. This was held during August and September 2013.

The plan was based on the findings from in-depth research and engagement involving 27,000 people over the course of 18 months.

At a glance:

  • Our plan will deliver the improvements our customers expect
  • Under our plan, average bills will fall by eight per cent (excluding inflation)
  • The plan sets out 26 clear promises about what we will do for our customers
  • It will cost £3 billion to deliver our plan.

Progress on our plan

We updated and re-submitted our plan in June 2014, with our regulator, Ofwat, publishing a draft determination on it in August 2014. We then responded to the draft determination in October 2014. We've produced a summary of our draft determination response, with the full suite of documents available via the menu below.

Ofwat's final determination on our plan for 2015–20 was published on December 12, 2014.

  1. Draft determination response 

As we developed our plan, we benefited greatly from the views of the independent Southern Water Customer Challenge Group (CCG).

The group produced a report setting out its assessment of our December 2013 plan. The CCG also submitted a response to Ofwat’s draft determination on our Business Plan.

Our Business Plan (December 2013) is available to download below

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